Before taking preventative measures to avoid being defrauded with cryptocurrencies, it is vital to have an awareness of the areas and aspects of bitcoin that are most often abused by criminals and hackers. This is because these areas and facets make up Bitcoin. A list including the top five bitcoin scams that are anticipated to take place in 2021 has been created by Analytics Insight.

The DeFi leadership decided to end the strike.

The term “decentralised finance,” which is shortened as “DeFi,” refers to a programme that tries to remodel and moise the traditional business models and practises. They are able to make the most money possible via interests by staking their cryptocurrencies owing to decentralised finance, which makes this possible for users. This allows them to maximise their earnings. While some respectable crowdfunding platforms promise investors the best potential returns on their money, others are nothing more than outright frauds. These fraudulent platforms get investors to lend money to them by promising a high rate of return; nevertheless, all that they do with the money that investors provide is take it for themselves. Because of the efficiency with which these scams are carried out, it is very unlikely that victims will ever get the money back that they have lost.


Nonfungible Tokens Scams

Nonfungible Tokens, often known as NFTs, are gaining popularity in today’s culture and are growing more widespread. There is a chance that NFT will be repeated by another organisation. It is comprised of a number of different hashtag codes, and the one who is in charge of those hashtag codes is the one who has the power. It has been hypothesised that recovering from a breach in an NFT might be difficult since deciphering hashtag codes is not a job that is appropriate for a layman to do.

The practise of pumping and dumping alternative cryptocurrencies.

An alternative cryptocurrency is sometimes considered to be among the most inexpensive penny stocks with a low market capitalization. However, these stocks tend to be illiquid. The pump and dump strategy for cryptocurrencies operates in a manner that is similar to that of penny stocks and alternative coins that join the flow. On the other hand, scam artists and criminals are likely to have altcoins in their hands due to the increased volatility of these currencies.


Consequences that arise as a direct result of malware and viral infections

It’s possible that always coming up with new strategies and ideas for how to convince an investor to leave with their money might get exhausting. When trying to get access to cryptocurrency wallets, hackers and other criminals often rely on malware and viruses that have been in circulation for a significant amount of time. This is done in order to prevent getting overwhelmed by the expanding number of innovative ways that may be used to steal money from wallets. Using two different forms of verification for crypto-wallets might be a protective barrier, and this is the only reason why.


Fake ICOs

Investors in cryptocurrencies have reason to be concerned since it is a common practise to perform initial coin offers (ICOs) that are fraudulent. In 2017, the percentage of initial coin offers (ICOs) that were fraudulent reached a rate of eighty percent, which was the highest it had ever been. We may count our blessings that the number saw a precipitous decline in the years that followed. Initial coin offers (ICOs) that are not legitimate continue to be a cause for concern for financial backers even in the current day. The theft committed by Big Coin resulted in a total loss to customers of $6 million.

The United States Federal Trade Commission Is Sounding the Alarm About the Explosive Growth of Cryptocurrency


Frauds involving Investments

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a research on the subject of fraudulent crypto investment schemes on May 17th of this year. The scams led to a loss of around $80 million for the victims. According to the findings of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), investors in the age group of 20 to 40 are more prone to fall for scams using cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.


Con jobs including the dragging of the rug

Rug pull scams are a kind of investment fraud in which con artists try to get financing by “pumping up” a new project, nonfungible token (NFT), or currency. After they have obtained the money, the con artists will then vanish with it. Because the code for these investments precludes users from selling bitcoins after they have been purchased, they are stuck with an investment that has no value.

One common variation of this con was known as the “Squid coin scam,” which got its name from the famous Netflix series “Squid Game.” Investors were required to play games in order to gain cryptocurrency: players would purchase tokens for online games in the hope of earning additional tokens in the future, which they could then trade in for other cryptocurrencies. After starting at a value of 1 cent per token, the price of the Squid token has now increased to around $90 per token.

Rug pull scams are especially frequent for NFTs, which are digital assets that are completely unique to themselves.


 Romance scams

Scams using cryptocurrencies are not uncommon on dating apps. These cons centre on relationships, which are almost always conducted solely online and are long-distance when possible. During these relationships, one side takes their time to win the other party’s trust. Over the course of time, one side gradually begins to persuade the other party to either purchase or donate money in the form of some type of cryptocurrency.

The person who perpetrated the dating fraud vanishes after taking the money. These cons are also known as “pig butchering scams,” which is another name for them.


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