If you are new to the space, there may be a whole decade of cryptocurrency values to catch up on given that Bitcoin recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Here is a selection of some of the most well-known people and what we may learn from them.

I’m sorry, I don’t have time to try to convince you if you don’t believe it or understand it. “Satoshi Nakamoto” is an early statement made by Satoshi Nakamoto to the forum skeptics of Bitcoin. Since those early days, an entire industry has sprung up around his innovation.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is simple to say that perhaps humanity should have listened, but what was created was something entirely new.

First appeared on Coin Rivet was the article 10 well-known cryptocurrency quotes and what we can learn from them.

If you are new to the space, there may be a whole decade of cryptocurrency fees to catch up on with Bitcoin recently reaching 10 years old. Here is a list of some of the most well-known ones, along with an explanation of what we shall learn from them.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time to try to convince you if you don’t believe it or understand it.” “Satoshi Nakamoto

That was a statement made by Satoshi Nakamoto to the Bitcoin skeptics on the message boards. Since those early days, a whole industry has sprung up around his innovation.

In retrospect, it is straightforward to suggest that perhaps humans should Jamie Dimon is unlikely to ever change his opinion because one of Bitcoin’s main goals is to do away with the need for institutions like JP Morgan.

“It’s cash 2.0, a huge, huge, huge deal.” – Venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya

Early on, Chamath Palihapitiya worked for Facebook before moving on and establishing his funding source. By the end of 2015, his fund had more than $1.1 billion in assets, and he had also become a minority owner of the NBA team Golden State Warriors.

They disagree on the concept of Bitcoin even though he claims to be a follower of Warren Buffett. Palihapitiya is a fervent supporter of cryptocurrencies. He predicts that Bitcoin will increase in value over the next 20 years.

“do not approach it. It’s just a mirage. Generally speaking, I can predict almost with certainty that cryptocurrencies will have a bad outcome. – The famed investor Warren Buffett

Back in the realm of traditional finance, it should come as no surprise that Buffet is not a fan of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. Buffett’s wealth has been accumulated through conventional assets and a patient approach.

The risk and volatility associated with cryptocurrency may have served as an immediate alarm to the renowned investor. Buffett has a history of destroying shares of the next generation, thus it is unlikely that he will ever take a chance on Bitcoin.


“I believe Bitcoin is the first [encrypted currency] with the capability of doing, for instance, trade the arena. – Peter Thiel, a PayPal co-founder

While creating PayPal, Peter Thiel and his team had a notion comparable to Bitcoin. But as of now, they haven’t been able to make their idea a reality. Peter Thiel, a fervent supporter of Rand, is currently one of Silicon Valley’s greatest venture capitalists. These details should illustrate his motivation for becoming interested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin truly has a balance and incentives center, which is why it’s just now starting to gain traction. – Julian Assange, who established Wikileaks.

Wikileaks and Bitcoin have been dating for a while. Without Bitcoin, Wikileaks as we know it will undoubtedly not exist.

when the largest credit card firms tried to prevent Instead of receiving compensation from Wikileaks, the organization requested donations in Bitcoin, which allowed it to continue operating.

Nakamoto lost his ability to support Wikileaks because of the stress it put on the fledgling network. Being a frequent contributor to the 1995 CypherPunk mailing list, Julian Assange is regarded as one of the first cypherpunks.

When Bitcoin was finally launched, discussions mentioning it were not uncommon on the mailing list, so Wikileaks’ appropriation of it wasn’t unexpected.

“The Federal Reserve undoubtedly lacks the authority to control or influence Bitcoin in any way.” – Former Federal Reserve of America chair Janet Yellen

In her comment, Janet Yellen calls attention to a crucial aspect of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency used in the US.

It is the main major global currency. Although it doesn’t specifically run through everybody, anyone who wants to feel anxious can do so. Because of this, it is very difficult for the government to create regulations for Bitcoin.

This also makes it very challenging to stop Bitcoin. There have been numerous reports of restrictions throughout the years, but this hasn’t stopped Bitcoin from developing in any way.

“Blockchains automate away the middle, whereas most technologies tend to automate personnel on the periphery performing mundane tasks. Blockchain eliminates Uber’s employment and enables taxi drivers to interact with customers immediately, as opposed to eliminating the taxi-driving workforce.

Buterin’s statement acknowledges the removal of middlemen that cryptocurrencies enable. All of this could be handled peer-to-peer using bitcoins instead of a company like Uber or Dropbox receiving a cut of the profits.

This will result in higher profits for you and me, lower expenses, and might perhaps result in the closure of some of the biggest corporations in the world in the pursuit of a more equitable economic structure.

“In my opinion, Bitcoin will eventually become a reserve currency for banks, taking on a role similar to that of gold in the early days of banking. Banks should make it harder to use virtual currency with more secrecy and lighter, more environmentally friendly transactions.

Hal Finney’s early statement demonstrates that he was aware of Bitcoin’s potential from the very beginning. This was aided by the numerous debates that took place on the CypherPunk mailing list in the 1990s when virtual currency and privacy issues were frequently debated and theorized.

We need to put some of this undeserved money to good use because we are all wealthy thanks to Bitcoin. Hank Finney

One of the few people associated with Bitcoin who is liked by everyone is Hal Finney. For Finney, even Faketoshi has a soft spot. Unfortunately, Finney left before he could see Bitcoin transform into its current beast. Finney started contributing to the CypherPunk community early.

Like Assange, Finney started posting to the CypherPunk mailing list early on and played a crucial role in helping Bitcoin develop from the start. This phrase emphasizes the need for everyone who has become wealthy through Bitcoin to give back and assist others.



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