Cryptocurrencies have recently arisen as a new asset class, providing investors with the opportunity to make big returns on their investments. In recent years, this asset class has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, in spite of the absence of any support from the government. Investors have been encouraged to join the cryptocurrency bandwagon by the prospect of making substantial profits in a very short amount of time. Following these instructions will allow you to participate in the trading of digital currency.

First Step: Find the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trading in cryptocurrencies does not adhere to any predetermined structure or standardisation as a direct result of the lack of crypto legislation in India. However, with the assistance of the platforms provided by cryptocurrency exchanges, you will have no trouble purchasing or selling your digital money. In the nation, some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges are WazirX, UnoCoin, CoinDCX, and CoinSwitch Kuber.

Open a trading account as the second step.

It is necessary for you to register for a trading account at the cryptocurrency exchange of your choosing. This account will function in a manner comparable to that of a bank. During the registration process, the exchange will verify your credentials in accordance with the services you choose, the amount you want to deposit, and the currencies trading possibilities that are now accessible. The exchange of KYC (Know Your Customer) information and the configuration of payment choices are both required. You can be asked to provide copies of your PAN card, a picture identification, and an address proof as part of the KYC process. Unlike traditional stock markets, cryptocurrency exchanges are open all the time, 365 days a year. This is a significant advantage.

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Step 3: Make a Deposit into Your Account

In order to begin buying cryptocurrencies, you will first need to create a crypto-trading account and then deposit some money into that account. You will have the ability to move the money online between your bank account and the cryptocurrency trading account. However, you will need to connect both accounts in order to do so. In addition, before you can purchase digital coins, you can be required to go through a waiting period, depending on the regulation.

Purchasing cryptocurrency and making investments in it is the fourth step.

After you have established an account and sent funds, the next step is to choose the coins in which you want to invest. Bitcoin is by far the most popular of them, followed by other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, Tether, XRP, and Dogecoin, to name a few.

  1. Put your cryptocurrency in a safe place.

After you have made your purchases, the storage component is the next most critical step. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not backed by any traditional organisation, and they most certainly do not have insurance policies comparable to those offered by traditional companies. They furthermore run the risk of having their accounts compromised. As a result, you should keep the access codes to both your account and your valuables in a safe place. It is generally recommended that you keep any newly acquired coins in a cryptocurrency wallet.

Choose an Approach as the Sixth Step

Implementing Elliott Wave Theory into your business might be a great technique for increasing your earnings. Since the Elliott Wave Theory places a strong emphasis on understanding the psychology that drives market sentiment, it is a useful tool for analysing speculative assets such as cryptocurrency. Additionally, before growing one’s investment in cryptocurrencies, it is a good idea to acquire the views of several cryptocurrency experts. These perspectives may be valuable. Instead of naively following the counsel of others, a person should always begin their financial career with modest sums and devote sufficient time to comprehensive market research.

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Some tips

The popularity of the cryptocurrency market continues to rise. 2021 was a great year for Cryptocurrency. And if the era-defining events drove the assets toward euphoria, the beginning of 2022 was everything but joyful. Investors’ worst fears are cryptocurrency laws, but the secret is that greater regulation might boost market stability as well as the price and worth of cryptocurrencies, so they should view the situation with healthy optimism. Given the tremendous volatility of cryptocurrencies, how can investors manage their risk?

Stay calm

Whether you decide to sell your cryptocurrencies or see a price decline as a buying opportunity, you must operate with a level mind. Making emotional judgements, particularly while trading, almost never ends in favourable outcomes. Before rushing into the market, you should consider why you are trading cryptocurrencies in the first place.

Technical evaluation

Expect volatile market fluctuations in 2022. This is not a forecast, but rather common sense. Researching technical analysis might help you forecast huge market changes more accurately than others. And since it is underestimated as a tool, technical dexterity might seem to investors as a game-changer.

Keep a ledger

A crypto portfolio tracker may perform the job for you and aid in maintaining accurate records. This is especially beneficial for more active traders. A tracker is a third-party programme that you may synchronise with your wallets to retrieve your data and display your profits, losses, and other activity and holdings-related elements. Some will monitor pricing fluctuations, pre-fill tax forms, and provide alerts for negative balances.

Diversify your cryptocurrency holdings

Too much capital should not be placed in a single cryptocurrency. Or, as the proverb goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. As with equities and shares, diversify your assets among many digital currencies. This means you do not run the danger of being overexposed should the value of one of them decline, particularly given the very unpredictable market values of these assets.

Be mindful of impending rules.

Throughout the last year, cryptocurrency legislation has received more attention. Though it is hard to forecast what will be enacted, it is important to be informed of what politicians are discussing. The material in this article is provided for educational purposes only. You acknowledge that the material does not constitute investment or financial advice by accessing this site. Before making investing selections, you should perform your own research and consult with financial experts.


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