In 2011 and 2022, several well-known brands in the fashion and luxury sectors started NFT projects. Here are the top 10 NFT initiatives in fashion and luxury.

RKFT x Nike

Nike first entered the NFT market in December 2021 when it purchased RTFKT Studios. RTFKT is renowned for its virtual sneaker site for game firms and fashion collectibles. In a previous collaboration with the digital artist FEWOCiOUS, it created a limited edition pair of NFT sneakers that generated nearly $3.1 million from the sale of 600 pairs in only six minutes.

By introducing limited NFT sneakers that could also be redeemed for actual sneakers and special edition Flying Formation Air Max 1 shoes, Nike continues to innovate in the NFT market. Additionally, the company collaborated with Roblox to develop Nikeland, a virtual setting where users could don a virtual pair of Nike shoes.


To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Gucci sold its legendary Aria Collection NFT at Christie’s for $25,000. This NFT, which takes the shape of a short film, showcases a partnership with Balenciaga and represents an important turning point for the company. All money will be donated to UNICEF USA.

A metaverse product called “Vault Art Space,” which features 29 digital artists’ interpretations of the Gucci brand, was also introduced by Gucci. The inaugural show is titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” and includes pieces produced in association with NFT marketplace SuperRare by artists eBoy, Alanna Vanacore, An Chen, Sasha Katz, and Kris Andrew Small.

Domenico & Gabbana

With the release of the Genesis Collection, or Collezione Genesi, Dolce & Gabbana made a splash in the world of Fashion NFT. Nine pieces made up the collection, including five NFTs that came with physical components and four that didn’t. The NFT collection went up for sale for a stunning $6 million and was completely sold out. The NFT wearables were made feasible thanks to the Italian design house’s partnership with the upscale marketplace UNXD. The introduction of Dolce & Gabbana’s NFT line marked the first fashion house’s entry into the NFT market.


Together with digital artist Zach Lieberman, Adidas started the “adidas for Prada re-source project”. The project is an initiative by the community to produce massive digital artwork that draws inspiration from the real Re-Nylon collection. Adidas is calling for anonymous photo submissions from the public, which will be used to create 3,000 different NFTs that will be pieced together into Lieberman’s mass-patchwork NFT. The finished item will be put up for sale at SuperRare, with the earnings going to charity and being divided among the producers and artisans.

Additionally, in 2021, Adidas released a second NFT series called “Into the Metaverse” in collaboration with gMoney, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and PUNKS comic. Holding a “Into the Metaverse” NFT enables you to browse the fashion company’s many virtual and tangible merchandise.

Ferragamo by Salvatore

In Soho, New York City, Salvatore Ferragamo unveiled a concept store with an NFT booth and a holographic shoe customizing tool. Free and created by digital artist Shxpir, the NFT projects. They warmly invite newcomers to participate in the immersive atmosphere of the store. Customers can mint original artwork with a variety of backdrops. Additionally, the shop created a limited-edition capsule collection, with all sales benefiting The Center, an organization for LGBTQ+ people. Additionally, customers may digitally personalize the 6R3ENE shoes at the holographic station.


For the “Blankos Block Party” initiative, Burberry, the renowned British luxury fashion business founded in 1856, worked with Mythical Games. The concept includes a custom social network where users can interact online and purchase Blankos, which are virtual vinyl toys. Minny B, a unicorn from the most recent NFT collection, is dressed in the brand’s new TB Summer Monogram.

Along with the NFT line, Burberry also released in-game NFT accessories that players could attach to their Blankos, such as jetpacks, armbands, and pool shoes. On June 22, 2022, all players of Blankos Block Party from all around the world may purchase items from the NFT collection in-game.

Givenchy by Chito

An assortment of 15 NFTs was produced by Givenchy, a French fashion business owned by LVMH, in collaboration with Mexican airbrush artist Chito. The “Chito x Givenchy NFT” collection includes animated and non-animated cartoon figures and symbols that sport the Givenchy trademark. Givenchy’s spring pre-collection is included into the NFT collection. A part of the money raised from the auction went to “Givenchy’s Long-term Preferred Foundation” and the collection was up for bid on OpenSea.

The partnership came when Chito was tapped to provide graphic designs for streetwear-inspired apparel and accessories for the fashion house’s Spring 2022 pre-collection by designer Matthew M. Williams. Some of these are now accessible to collectors as one-of-a-kind NFT fashion designs for usage as online PFPs.


The successful Timecapsule program, which was launched by Prada in 2019, has been expanded with the Timecapsule NFT line. Once a month, limited-edition goods are made available on the Prada website for one day only during the Timecapsule events. Collectors of the NFT collection are eligible to participate in a drawing for exclusive gifts and experiences. The release of the Timecapsule NFT collection increased brand supporters’ involvement. Retail sales increased 26% to $1.72 billion for Prada in the first half of the year, while overall revenue increased 22% to $1.92 billion. Net profits for the business nearly doubled to $191 million.

The Louis Vuitton

In celebration of its late founder’s 200th birthday, Louis Vuitton introduced Louis the Game. In the smartphone game, “Vivienne,” a sculptable figure, explores 200 virtual worlds in search of 200 birthday candles. Thirty NFTs are available for collection, ten of which were created by digital artist Beeple. Players that achieve a particular threshold can get NFT incentives from Louis Vuitton in addition to new game content. Ten NFTs with Vivienne as an avatar for social media sites were given away in the lottery. LV has unveiled yet another fresh NFT line:



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