The sports industry has not been exempted from the cryptocurrency boom that has spread to other sectors of the economy. The use of cryptocurrencies has been progressively gaining ground in a variety of industries, from ticketing to sponsorship agreements. We’ll look at the ways that cryptocurrencies are employed in sports in this post.


  • The sports business is using cryptocurrency to make it easier to buy tickets. The purchase of tickets for some sporting events and teams is now possible using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • In 2014, one of the first professional sports teams to accept Bitcoin as payment for tickets was the American basketball team the Sacramento Kings. The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Dolphins, among other teams, have done likewise.
  • The sports team and the fan can both profit from this kind of payment. It might boost revenue and ticket sales for the team. It might be a more practical and safe approach to get tickets for the fan. Without a middleman like a bank, cryptocurrency transactions may be conducted swiftly and safely.

Sponsorship deals

  • Moreover, cryptocurrency is employed in sponsorship agreements between sports teams and cryptocurrency businesses. The football team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and cryptocurrency exchange agreed to a multi-year sponsorship agreement in 2021. As part of the agreement, the team’s uniforms will have the emblem of
  • Both sides can gain from a collaboration of this kind. The sports team may receive more money and visibility as a result. It could benefit the cryptocurrency company by promoting and encouraging the use of its platform.

Player salaries and bonuses

  • Also, player salaries and bonuses are paid using cryptocurrency. NFL star Sean Culkin declared in 2021 that he would exchange all of his money for Bitcoin. Several athletes, including Oleksandr Usyk, a soccer player, have also expressed interest in receiving payment in cryptocurrencies.
  • Offering an alternate form of money that can appreciate over time, this sort of payment might be advantageous to the athlete. The team can gain from it by giving their players a more practical and secure method of payment.

What sports team is sponsored by crypto?

  • The use of cryptocurrencies in sports has grown in popularity in recent years. Several sporting organizations have begun to accept cryptocurrency in exchange for tickets, goods, and other services. Additionally, several sports teams have even agreed to endorse cryptocurrency businesses. Such a group includes Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).
  • The football team PSG is situated in Paris, France. Since its founding in 1970, it has developed into one of Europe’s most prosperous football clubs. The team has won multiple national and international championships, including one UEFA Champions League title and ten French Ligue 1 championships.
  • A multi-year sponsorship agreement between PSG and the cryptocurrency exchange was inked in 2021. As part of the agreement, the team’s uniforms will have the emblem of The deal’s precise financial details were not made public, but it is estimated to be worth several million dollars.
  • For both parties, the relationship between PSG and is important. It gives PSG more visibility and income, which may help draw in new supporters and players. It presents a chance for to broaden platform use and brand recognition.
  • The agreement represents a significant advancement in the use of cryptocurrencies in the sports sector. By supporting one of Europe’s most prosperous football teams, is demonstrating its dedication to sports and its potential for development in the sector.
  • Not all professional sports teams have cryptocurrency sponsors, including PSG. The cryptocurrency exchange BitPay is a sponsor of the NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks, which started accepting Bitcoin as payment for tickets and goods in 2019.

The sports sector is evolving because of cryptocurrency. The use of cryptocurrencies is expanding across a variety of industries, including sponsorship agreements and ticketing. Benefits include more profits, more convenient and secure transactions, and a chance for more people to use and be aware of bitcoin platforms. It will be intriguing to see what other developments and opportunities arise as the use of cryptocurrencies in sports expands.


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